All our custom gear is made by hand from start to finish and are individual as per your request to accommodate a specific need, type of sight, laser or light. Production holsters are partly an automated process and finished off by hand for standard types of guns/mag pouches with no special sights, lights etc on.

On average 7-10 working days, depending on the item/s it can take up to 14 working days. We mold and finish in batches so it all depends on which batch your order falls into. Sometimes it might be quicker than expected or sometimes it might take a bit longer. You’re more than welcome to drop us a email and request a status update.

Handedness refers to which hand you shoot with or is your dominant hand. We assume if you’re right handed your holster will be located on your right hip and mag pouches will be located on your left hip (bullets facing forward). The same goes for left handedness – holster on your left hip and mag pouches located on your right hip. Thus if you’re right or left handed, the same handedness will apply to both holsters and mag pouches.

Yes, however we will have to arrange a time for you to come to our workshop for us to make the custom holster from your specific gun. You have to remain on site while we do so. It usually takes around 2 hours from start to finish.

As a company who prides ourselves on creativity and innovation, we always love to hear ideas from our customers and turn them into a reality. If you have had an idea in your mind for a holster you would like to see, feel free to contact us. While we can’t guarantee that we will be able to complete your project, we would be happy to discuss this with you. Pricing and lead times can are handled on a case by case basis.

Our standard is to mould all firearms with safeties so that they will function in either position ON or OFF.

Yes we can but the graphics will need to be ordered specifically from our suppliers overseas and quoted on case by case basis. The graphics will be impregnated into the Kydex which in turn makes it much more durable compared to standard printed Kydex.

A Light bearing holster cannot function without the weapon mounted light attached. We mould each holster to accommodate a specific weapon mounted light and will simply not retain the firearm inside the holster without the weapon mounted light attached.

There is no holster that will not eventually wear on a gun. With that being said, Kydex has a very smooth inner surface which is not as abrasive as other hard plastics or leather – it’s a self-lubricating plastic. High points like take-down pins are normally the first points of wear on your firearm from a Kydex holster. We try our best to size our weapon moulds correctly to minimise wear on your firearm finish.

It is very unlikely. Please contact us for arrangements if you feel your holster retention needs to be adjusted.


The buckle was never designed to fit through your belt loops. So yes you do have to unlace the webbing from your buckle to add/remove your belt from new pants. If you stop to consider the traditional design for most belts it makes perfect sense that the buckle isn’t the part of the belt that you want to pass through your pant loops. The buckle quick detach is for use throughout the day.

Let us start off by saying that we DO NOT recommend that you put your belt into a washing machine. While we are confident that the belt would survive the experience your machine may not. The best method to use is cold water and if necessary a soft bristle brush for really stubborn mud. You can use a mild soap or detergent if needed, but this isn’t usually necessary for nylon gear.

First, please send us an email to info@danielsholsters.co.za. If the issue is a deficiency on our part, we’ll cover it 100%, including paying you for the cost incurred in sending the belt back to us. If the issue was that you made a simple mistake, and would like to exchange the belt for the correct one, we ask that you send us a check to cover return shipping to you. If you received exactly what you ordered, but you’ve changed your mind and didn’t tell us before we shipped it, there is likely to be a 25% restocking fee and we will not reimburse your return shipping.

For returns or exchanges please cover the buckle with soft fabric or bubble wrap because if the buckle has any scratches we will not be able to do a exchange or a refund.

Send us an email to info@danielsholsters.co.za. We’ll handle this on a case-by-case basis. If you received exactly what you ordered, but you’ve changed your mind and didn’t tell us  before we shipped it, there is likely to be a 25% restocking fee and we will not reimburse your return shipping.

We can custom size any of our belts to any even numbered six-inch size range you would like. There is a simple process for ordering a custom size belt outlined below. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT YOU MEASURE CAREFULLY PRIOR TO ORDERING AS CUSTOM SIZES CANNOT BE RETURNED UNLESS THERE IS A PROBLEM WITH THE MANUFACTURING. Please contact us for special size ordering at info@danielsholsters.co.za


You can pay via PayFast secure payment options or EFT and send us the proof of payment.